IT Wing

IT Wing in the State Planning Board was formed in 1999 vide GO(Rt) No.113/99/Plg dt.04.03.99, with the objective to enhance the modernization of State Planning Board and to induce Information Technology.  The Chief(i/c) of Plan Co-ordination Division is presently in charge of IT Wing with the support of Technical Consultant and Technical Assistant for providing necessary assistance for IT support at State Planning Board.

Now the Planning Board is having around 160 computers and laptops with other related peripherals (such as Printers, Photocopiers, Scanners, printer cum scanner cum photocopiers, projectors etc.). Most of the systems are intel i5 3.10 GHz  with 64-bit Operating system.  Sufficient desk top computer systems with good network connectivity have been provided to all officers in the office.  A Local Area Network (LAN) is set up and maintained in the State Planning Board.

State Planning Board has completely changed over to e-Office file management system  from March 1st 2014, except in the case of external files and bulk reports.


Sri. S.R Sanalkumar

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